How are Binders Made?

Custom binders are wonderful pieces of stationery that has multifunctional use. It is a cover which holds and protects the paperwork which might otherwise be loose. Thus, binders are common in offices.  It helps in keeping the important documents in place.

Binders are available in various sizes in respect to the paper size and the capacity.  It is an archival system for sorting the paper documents.  You need to find the right type of binder for your paper documents, as well as special needs.  There are different types of binders.

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Hard Cover Binders

The binder covers might be hard or soft. The hard covers are known to be made of board which is covered with leather or plastic. The use of plastic implies that it is available in a wide range of colors. Offices use hard cover binders in different colors to create a filing system.

Soft Cover Binders

Soft covers are pretty flexible. It is usually made of heavy paper of plastic. Just like hard cover binders, it is available in a wide range of colors.  Plastic covers might also allow people to check out the first sheet of paper present in the binder.

Ring Binders

The paper in the Custom binders is held in place in various ways. A ring binder has2, 3, or 4 metal circular rings that are positioned along the side of the spine.  If you have to file a paper in this binder, you have to use a hole-punch for creating matching holes along the left edge of the paper.   Thereafter the papers are placed on the rings and then snap the rings shut.

Arch Mechanisms

The hard cover Custom binders might use arch mechanism for keeping the paper in place.  These have straight metal sides.  The sides keep the left and right hand edges of filed paperwork much straighter than the ring binders.  Also, it is stronger than rings.

Clips and Alternative Fasteners

Soft cover binders usually use clips for holding the paperwork in place.  Since there are clips, you will not have to punch holes in the paper. An alternative method to keep the paper in place for the Custom binders is to use screw rivet.

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How are Binders Made?

Binder starts as a single piece of cardboard which is around 2feet in length. Thereafter, the cardboard is coated with a thin layer of adhesive which is going to hold the plastic cover on. Thereafter, the board is laid on top of plastic and the other one is laid over the top which encloses the cardboard. A machine then presses the two pieces plastic around the edge developing a permanent seal.  Again a series of rollers are pressed on top of the board and smoothen out the plastic to make sure that it has a strong seal.  Thereafter, the binder rings are added.  The rings are available as a single piece of construction that has metal bars along with a ring on the top.  The bar is kept at the center of the binder fold using many pins.

Final Construction

In order to complete the construction of the Custom binders, each binder will have to go through a testing process. A worker will test the strength of the binder.  The tests are done in series and each of them tests various element of the binder. Firstly, the cardboard is checked for integrity and then the plastic seal is checked to make sure that the seal is closed.


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